The reason why jade plant only grows leaves but does not blossom, how to solve it?

Jesse Pinkman
2020-11-16 11:23:35
If you want to raise the more red culture of Ruyi Queen, you should use the soil with good drainage performance, loose, breathable and rich humus, which must be disinfected after configuration. It is better to provide the temperature between 20-26 degrees at ordinary times, and the temperature should be controlled in time when the temperature is high or low. It likes astigmatism, so it should be exposed to the sun more and avoid it in time when it is in strong light. In addition, we should pay attention to the management of fertilizer and water, make the soil moist in the growing season, and fertilize it frequently to give it enough nutrients.

1. Improper fertilization

Reason: During the period when Yushu grows leaves, nitrogen fertilizer is mainly applied. If we do not pay attention to fertilization and apply too much nitrogen fertilizer, it will cause the branches and leaves to grow crazily. However, if there is no nutrient supply to blossom, it will lead to the situation that only leaves grow but no blossoms. In the long run, it will also affect the growth.

Solution: Yushu should pay attention to rational fertilization in the growth stage, compound fertilizer should be applied in the growth period, and all elements should be balanced.Phosphorus and potassium fertilizers should be applied before flowering, which can accumulate nutrients for flowering and promote later flowering.

2. Insufficient service life

Reason: Yushu can grow leaves when it is young, but it cannot blossom when it is young. If the number of years of growth is not enough, it will not be able to blossom.

Solution: This situation does not need to do more intervention, in the later process, Yushu should pay attention to good maintenance, continue to maintain and grow up, some more than six years to have the conditions for flowering, some need to grow more than 10 years.Only after the age limit, Yushu may blossom.

3. watering too much

Reason: Yushu growth needs proper watering to ensure good water demand, once too much watering, it will also cause branches and leaves to grow crazily, but it can not blossom.

Solution: Usually according to the growth to water, usually wait until the pot soil is dry before watering, 10 million good control of water.

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