jade plant how to maintain the number of flowering, flowering in what time?

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2020-11-16 11:23:35
Before changing pots and soil for Yushu, we should prepare pot soil first, the flowerpot should be larger than before, the soil should be well prepared to ensure a good loose ventilation effect, mixed with organic fertilizer or rotten leaf soil. The jade tree is separated from the flowerpot and the soil attached to the root is shaken off. After taking out the plant, the roots should be pruned, and the old roots, rotten roots and overgrown roots should be cut off. Tidy up the soil, put the plant into the flowerpot, cover the soil gently and compact it, and do a good job of later maintenance.

1. how to maintain the number of flowering

1. Regular repotting: Although Yushu does not require much soil, providing suitable soil is more conducive to growth and can also promote the opening of flowers.It is not only to provide loose and fertile soil, but also to change pots once a year in spring, and to add fertilizer properly, in order to ensure good nutrition.

2. Adequate illumination: Whether it is growth or flowering, the requirement of illumination is very critical. It must be kept in a place with good light to ensure adequate sunshine, so as to accumulate enough nutrients to ensure good growth and flowering.It can also make the leaves of the plant itself shiny and green, and the plant grows vigorously.

3. Adequate water and fertilizer: In order to promote the flowering of Yushu, and the number of flowering, we must ensure adequate water and fertilizer.Usually, watering in the growing period does not need too much, but can wait until the pot soil is dry and watered thoroughly to meet the needs of good moisture.Apply sufficient bottom fertilizer before potting, and apply fertilizer in time during later growth.

4. Proper pruning: It is also necessary to pay attention to proper pruning in maintenance, which can reduce the consumption of nutrients and accumulate excess nutrients to maintain flowering.

2. When is the flowering period

In addition to ornamental leaves, Yushu can also blossom, its flowering period is generally in summer and autumn, and sometimes in winter.

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