How to prune the leaves of jade plant, what should we pay attention to?

Saul Goodman
2020-11-16 11:23:35
There are three aspects to be paid attention to when transplanting fortune trees. First, the soil, the soil should be prepared first, to ensure ventilation, loose, and the material of the flowerpot should also use good permeability, plants in such an environment will grow more vigorously. The second is to prune the root system, cut off the roots of the old, weak, sick and disabled, and then disinfect and dry them before potting. Third, pay attention to the transplanting time, in spring and autumn, to avoid high temperature in summer and low temperature in winter.

1. how to trim leaves

1. Short-cut: Yushu will be in the dormant stage in winter. At this time, the leaves are mainly short-cut. For the branches, the length of 10-25 cm should be retained, and the rest should be short-cut. This can reduce the consumption of nutrients, promote the growth of the later period, and also take the opportunity to adjust the shape of the plant.In addition to the dormancy period to cut short, after flowering also need to be properly cut short, retain a few buds on the branches.

2. Thinning and pruning: In winter, the temperature is low and the growth rate is very slow. At this time, pruning has little effect on the plant. At this stage, besides cutting the branches short, appropriate thinning is also needed.First, cut off the dry branches, pests and diseases, and then thin and cut the dense branches and leaves, so as to achieve the role of pruning.

3. Pruning and modeling: Yushu is a kind of ornamental plant with lush and beautiful leaves. If the branches and leaves grow too densely, the overall modeling is not good-looking. Therefore, it is necessary to properly prune according to the modeling, cut off the branches and leaves that affect the beauty, and maintain a good natural modeling to achieve the desired effect.

2. what to pay attention to

Pay attention to the tools used for trimming, prepare sharp scissors in advance, and wash and disinfect them before using them.After trimming, the wound must not touch water, you can apply fungicide to protect the incision.

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