The reason why jade plant has not blossomed and how to promote flowering

Jane Margolis
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Silver leaf chrysanthemum fresh cut flowers should be placed in astigmatism when maintaining, more sunshine astigmatism, pay attention to timely avoidance of strong light, especially in summer. Usually, we should change water frequently, mix it once in two or three days, and prune the root system every time we change water, and cut off the diseased root and rotten root in time. In addition, pay attention to more windows for ventilation, so that air circulation. Temperature should also be controlled, can provide 20-26 degrees of temperature is the most appropriate, the most conducive to growth.

1. Less than age

Reason: Yushu in the young stage can not achieve flowering, if it is just bought back not long after the small plants will not blossom.

Solution: Continue to maintain carefully, as long as you pay attention to good maintenance methods and provide a good and suitable growth environment, maintenance for more than six years may blossom.

2. Soil Replacement

Reason: Yushu has a requirement for soil. If the soil quality does not meet the growth requirements, it may cause poor growth, and it may also cause no flowering.

Solution: To provide suitable soil for growth, choose loose and fertile sandy soil, which can be mixed with humus soil, peat soil, coarse sand and plant ash.

3. Increase Illumination

Reason: Yushu is a plant that likes sunshine very much and is suitable for growing in a place with sufficient sunshine. Only by ensuring good sunshine conditions can the nutrients needed for growth appear and promote later growth and flowering.

Solution: to choose a good maintenance of the location, in a good place to raise light, see more light to promote growth and flowering.

Yu Shu

4. Water and Fertilizer Management

Reason: If you do not pay attention to water and fertilizer management, it will also cause Yushu not to blossom.Long time without watering and fertilization will lead to weak growth and difficult flowering, excessive water and fertilizer will cause burden on roots, leading to flowering difficulties.

Solution: Pay attention to the management of water and fertilizer, water correctly, and water in time when the soil becomes dry.Regular fertilization ensures good nutrients and stores good nutrients, which can promote flowering.

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