Can jade plant blossom? Will it die after flowering?

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2020-11-16 11:23:35
Scindapsus aureus is a plant of Araceae, which is mostly poisonous, and Scindapsus aureus is no exception. Scindapsus is poisonous to both humans and cats. Its toxicity is concentrated in the juice, if you touch its juice or eat it by mistake, you may be poisoned. If the cat eats the green radish by mistake, it may have adverse reactions such as diarrhea, vomiting, salivation and dysphagia. Therefore, it is not recommended to keep cats and green plants at home at the same time.

1. can it blossom?

Yushu can blossom, Yushu is a very common plant in life, its leaves are green and shiny, usually at home mainly as a foliage plant to appreciate.However, Yushu can also blossom, flowering mainly in summer and autumn, may also blossom in winter and spring from January to March, flowers look small and good-looking, pink and white flowers are densely distributed, the amount of flowers is very large, very beautiful and good-looking.Yushu flowering is relatively rare, very rare, young Yushu can not blossom, need to maintain a few years before it can achieve flowering.

Will you die after blooming?

Yushu's vitality is very strong, after flowering is not dead, until the end of the flowering period to do a good job after flowering management, can be conducive to the growth of flowering in the coming year.Because it has a large number of flowers, and the flowering period lasts for a long time, a lot of nutrients are consumed, so we must pay attention to the application of fertilizer, appropriate application of thin fertilizer water, to meet the consumption of nutrients, but also on a good light place, contact with adequate sunshine, timely watering to ensure good moisture.

3. How to promote flowering

The flowering of Yushu is not only highly ornamental, but also has a good implication, which is a good omen. Therefore, if you want to promote flowering, you must change the pots in time, ensure good light, and do a good job of reasonable water and fertilizer management.

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