How to prune Jonquil after withering, how to deal with

Jane Margolis
2020-11-16 11:23:35
The growth ability of Fugui bamboo is very strong. If the stem of the plant is in good condition and there is no black rot or other growth problems, then cutting off part of the root system will not kill it. Even if all the roots are cut off, as long as the treatment method is correct, it may take root and survive again. But if the stem develops black rot or other serious problems, then cutting the root again may cause it to die.

1. how to prune the Jonquil flowers after they fade

1. Pruning the residual flowers: The residual flowers of Jonquil should be pruned in time after the flowers fade, usually in the second week after flowering.The old branches and residual branches after flowering should be cut off directly, and the residual buds on the flower branches should also be cut off to avoid rotting on the branches and bringing pests and diseases.Attention should be paid to pruning from the first pair of leaves of flower branches, and never cut from the second or third pair, otherwise it will affect the flowering of the next season, and there will be no flowering phenomenon.

2. Pruning branches and leaves: After the Jonquil flowers fade, not only the residual flowers should be pruned, but also the branches and leaves should be pruned to save nutrients as much as possible and help the plants recover.When pruning, cut off the overgrown branches, weak branches, old branches and overlapping branches, so as to save nutrients, while the plant can be better ventilated and light.

2. how to deal with the longevity flower after withering

After the blossoms fade, not only should they be pruned, but also they should be maintained.After the flowers fade, the plants will enter the dormant stage, and the temperature at this time is too high, we must control the temperature, maintain the temperature between 15-25 degrees.Watering should be reduced, and it is OK to water after the soil is dry.In addition, appropriate nitrogen fertilizer should be applied after flowering to supplement the consumed nutrients and promote its recovery as soon as possible, which is also beneficial to the later growth.


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