The breed aquatics method of tiger skin orchid winter and notice, can you freeze to death?

Marie Schrader
2020-11-16 11:23:35
The golden bamboo can be pruned at the top. If it has yellow, dry, black and other growth problems at the top of the branches and leaves, or the plant grows too high, it can be pruned. Its growth rate is very fast, after pruning, it will soon be able to grow new branches and leaves. If the cut branches and leaves grow well and are of moderate length, they can be treated with rooting water first, then inserted into soft and breathable soil, and slowly cultivated to develop new plants.

1. Culture method

1. Indoor heat preservation: Tiger orchid likes warm environment and is not cold-resistant. The temperature in winter is too low. It must be moved indoors after the temperature drops. Pay attention to the indoor temperature. The temperature should be above 10 degrees, otherwise it is easy to get frostbite.

2, more sunshine: It likes astigmatism environment, winter light is very mild, not only will not sunburn, but also improve their own temperature, help it winter.The proposal is put on indoor windowsill, had better give the illumination of the whole day, be helpful for hibernate.

3. Reduce watering: In winter, its growth rate is relatively slow in low temperature environment, and the requirement for moisture is not high, so it is necessary to reduce the frequency of watering to keep the soil moist and slightly dry.In addition, pay attention to water temperature, as close as possible to soil temperature, reduce stimulation.

2. Precautions

In winter, Sansevieria trifasciata will enter the dormant stage and almost stop growing. At this time, it is necessary to pay attention not to apply fertilizer. Otherwise, not only will the plant not absorb the fertilizer, but it will also cause fertilizer damage, resulting in failure to survive the winter.After the temperature rises in spring and the growth resumes, fertilization and nourishment are applied to ensure more vigorous growth.

Hu Pi Lan

Will you freeze to death in winter

Tiger orchid itself is not cold-resistant, if not moved indoors in time, temperature control treatment will be frostbite, or even freeze to death, especially in northern areas.If they are cultured according to the above methods, they will survive the winter safely and grow better in the coming year.

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