How to prolong the flowering period of jade plant, what kind of flowering?

Mike Ehrmantraut
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Spring is the growing season of orchids, it needs more water, so it is recommended to water every 5-7 days. This can provide enough water for plants to prevent them from poor growth due to lack of water. However, if you want to water it and see that the plant material has not dried out, then you need to stop watering. When its plant material is dry, water it again. In this way, it can avoid water accumulation in its plant material, leading to its rotten roots.

1. how to extend the flowering period

1. Reasonable exposure to light: The flowering period of Yushu itself is relatively long, which can reach about 100 days. If you want to prolong the flowering period of Yushu, you should pay attention to reasonable exposure to light and ensure sufficient astigmatism, but you cannot grow and maintain under strong light.Once exposed to strong light, it will shorten the flowering period of Yushu.

2. Control watering: The Yushu plant itself can store water. During the flowering period, it can be properly watered to supplement a certain amount of water. However, the amount of water must be well controlled. Never cause the situation of excessive water and rotten roots.

3. Timely topdressing: Yushu needs sufficient nutrients for flowering, and some nutrients will be consumed during the flowering period. In order to prolong the flowering period, it is necessary to ensure good nutrients. Timely topdressing of fertilizers can be mainly phosphorus and potassium fertilizers, and reduce the application of nitrogen fertilizers at this stage.

4. Pay attention to ventilation: Yushu should not grow in a hot and airtight environment after flowering. If you do not pay attention to ventilation, it will also cause the flowers to wither ahead of time. You can pay attention to good ventilation conditions and open more windows to breathe.

2. what kind of flowering

Yushu itself is a foliage plant, mainly to appreciate the leaves, but also to appreciate the flowers.The number of flowers in Yushu is very large, the individual flowers are very small, densely distributed together, and the color is pink and white.

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