Native tulips, compound flowers, okay? Do they bloom every year?

Lydia Rodarte-Quayle
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Its efficacy can be reflected in four aspects. First, it can decorate the environment, the overall plant of green radish is beautiful, flourishing, and can decorate the home. Second, it can purify the air, it is a better air purifier, can absorb a lot of harmful gases. Third, it can regulate the body and mind, and can alleviate a lot when it is placed at home. Third, it can absorb lampblack, can be placed in the kitchen, can make the environment cleaner and sanitary.

1. the original tulip compound flower is good

Native tulip compound flowers are very good.Because compound flower can save cost, and it is also very convenient to manage.If it can not flower again, every year to buy, planting, the cost will be greatly increased, compared with the management is also difficult, not as good as the maintenance of good maintenance.

2. how the original tulip compound flower

The original tulip compound flower is naturally better, but if you want it to compound flower, you should pay attention to the management after flowering.After flowering, the plant will slowly stop growing and enter the dormant stage.The leaves on the ground will wither and fall, in order to avoid infection, it is recommended to pill at this time.First cut off the dead leaves and disinfect the wound.After that, put the slightly larger balls in the scattered light to dry, and then germinate in autumn.In addition, attention should be paid to timely nourishment when the ball grows two or three leaves, and appropriate compound fertilizer should be applied, so that it will grow more vigorously, and the number of blossoms will increase.

Do native tulips bloom every year

Native tulips do not bloom every year, usually for two consecutive years.Flowering will consume a lot of nutrients, seed bulbs are difficult to meet the demand for flowering, can not blossom every year.In addition, we should also pay attention to the treatment after flowering, properly handled, good recovery can be re-flowering.


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