Is it good to pour beer with pothos? How to pour beer?

Walter White
2020-11-16 11:23:35
The flowering time of Zygocactus starts in September every year and lasts until April of the next year, and the flowering time is different. Generally speaking, the flowering period of Zygocactus can last for 2-3 months, and the flowering period is short or long, if we do not pay attention to maintenance, the flowering period may be shortened. If you want to prolong the flowering period of crab claw orchid, you can avoid strong light, at least 30% -50% shading, keep the temperature at about 10-15 degrees, the temperature difference is best to keep within 5 degrees.

1. how about pouring beer with green radish

Beer contains a lot of carbon dioxide, which can be well absorbed by green radish to promote more vigorous growth.When used correctly, the leaves will become more green, which can improve its ornamental value.So it's good to pour beer on it.However, when watering, we should pay attention to the method and frequency of watering, not too frequent, or not to dilute the direct watering, otherwise more or less will affect its growth.

2. how to pour beer with green radish

1. Method: When pouring beer, you can't directly pour pure beer. You need to pour a proper amount of water.The best proportion of adding water each time is 1:50, and the solution can be directly irrigated on the soil surface after being fully diluted; and the solution can also be filled in a watering can and sprayed on the leaves of the plants or used for wiping the leaves according to the proportion of 1:10, and the plants can be well absorbed by the two methods to promote the better growth of the plants.

2. Frequency: Do not water the beer too frequently. Under normal circumstances, it is OK to water the beer once a week. It is not as frequent as watering. Beer water cannot be used instead of watering.And the amount of each time is similar to the amount of watering, not too much.Watering too often or using too much at a time can also hinder plant growth, causing yellow leaves, wilting or other poor growth.

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