pothos watering time, watering tea water OK?

Saul Goodman
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Potato is a potato, not a sweet potato, is the scientific name of potatoes, also known as ground eggs, potato, Dutch potatoes, etc., the name of different regions is different, the appearance of white or yellow color, inside the flesh color is also very light, flower color is white or blue-purple. Sweet potato looks like a sweet potato, with some essential differences between potatoes, is not a thing at all, its appearance color is mostly red, inside the flesh color is yellow-red or yellow.

1. Watering time of green radish

The specific time for watering Scindapsus aureus should be determined by referring to the season. Different seasons have different climate temperatures, different growth conditions, and different sensitivity to water, so the time is also different.If it is in the spring and autumn, the climate temperature is suitable, in the morning after 9 o'clock or before 3 o'clock in the afternoon.Summer noon temperature is too high, to avoid high temperature, choose in the morning or evening time to water.In winter, on the contrary, if the temperature is too low in the morning and evening, it should be watered at noon, and whenever it is watered, attention should be paid to the water temperature, as close as possible to the soil temperature, in order to promote water absorption.

2. Scindapsus aureum watering method

To water the green radish, we should not only pay attention to the time, but also pay attention to the method.When watering, it is necessary to thoroughly water the bottom of the pot, so that the bottom of the soil, the root system can absorb water and promote rooting.When pouring, you can also use the soaking basin method to pour until the soil surface is wet and then stop.When watering, it is OK to use dried tap water or decomposed and diluted rice washing water.

3. Is it OK to water green radish with tea leaves

Green radish can be watered with tea water.Because tea water is acidic, and green radish is a plant that likes acidic soil, after irrigation, the soil can maintain acidity, which is beneficial to growth.However, it should be noted that when pouring tea, it is best to overnight, fermented, and not too frequent.It is best to water once every three or five months, too often the acidity of the soil will increase, will hinder growth.

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