pothos watering more than how to remedy, what water grow the most prosperous?

Jane Margolis
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Cauliflower and broccoli are both cruciferous vegetables, but they are different. In terms of species, cauliflower belongs to cauliflower subspecies; Broccoli belongs to the broccoli subspecies. From the appearance, cauliflower color is milky white, can see the obvious block; Broccoli appears green and scattered on the surface. From the leaves, the color of cauliflower is gray-green; Broccoli leaves are blue-green and darker in color.

1. how to remedy the overwatering of green radish

If you water the green radish too much, you should remedy it as soon as possible and take measures as soon as possible.If the plant has been in too humid environment, it is easy to rot roots, there will be a lot of poor growth.The plants can be moved to a better ventilated environment, and the soil on the surface should be loosened frequently to accelerate the evaporation of water.If the phenomenon of water accumulation is serious, it is recommended to take off the pot and dry the soil directly, and then put it into the flowerpot when it is almost dry, so as to avoid root rot.

2. what kind of water does the green radish grow most vigorously

1. Rice washing water: The rice washing water in daily life can be preserved. It contains a lot of substances that are beneficial to the growth of green radish.Pay attention to the time of watering can not be directly watered, to ferment first, and then diluted with water.If irrigated directly, the heat emitted during later fermentation will burn the root system.

2, vitamin C water: pouring vitamin C water is also very good, can promote its growth more exuberant.Because it can reduce the pH value of the soil, pay attention to the frequency of irrigation, about four or five days to irrigate once.

Green dill

3. Diluted vinegar: Scindapsus aureus is a plant that likes acidity. When watering, you can drop a few drops of vinegar in the water, which can keep the soil acidic, and can also prevent pests and diseases. It has bactericidal effect and is also convenient to obtain.

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