Aloe can blossom how long open, how to promote blossom?

Jesse Pinkman
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Roses can be hydroponic cuttings, as long as the method is right, properly managed, can soon take root and survive. Attention should be paid to pruning branches before inserting, pruning the bottom into a bevel, more contact to absorb water, cutting off most of the leaves to avoid decay. The container should be transparent for easy observation. After preparation, directly put in the branches and add water. Later, pay attention to changing water frequently, once two or three days before rooting, and once a week after rooting. In addition, if conditions permit, add rooting powder to speed up rooting.

Will it bloom? How often will it bloom

Aloe vera is usually an ornamental leaf plant, but it can also blossom, but it is relatively rare, very few will blossom, if the aloe vera blossoms at home, it is a rare good omen.Aloe is not all can blossom, also not can blossom all the time, grow only the aloe of 3 years of above ability implementation blossoms, a year can open only, won't blossom for many times in a year, florescence is in every year 5 months or so.

2. How to promote flowering

1. Suitable soil: Aloe does not have strict requirements on soil quality, but it cannot grow in soil with poor air permeability, which will cause root rot and death. It can provide loose, breathable and nutritious soil.To provide good soil as a basic factor, it is necessary to change pots once every 1-2 years in order to maintain later growth and achieve flowering.

2. Illumination supplement: The growth of aloe needs sufficient sunlight, so that the growth can be realized under the condition that the illumination is guaranteed. Especially, more sunlight can be seen during the growth period, and more sunlight can be used to accumulate nutrients for flowering.

3. Keep the temperature: Aloe vera is afraid of the cold, so in order to ensure flowering, it should provide a good temperature, keep it at about 15 degrees Celsius.

4. Water and fertilizer management: Do a good job of water and fertilizer management, not too much watering, to avoid excessive soil moisture, but also need timely topdressing.


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