How to maintain azaleas and what kind of soil do they need?

Jane Margolis
2020-11-16 11:23:35
The yellowing of Phalaenopsis stems is usually caused by four reasons. First, improper watering, watering too frequently, will accumulate water, root system is easy to rot, stem will be yellow. Second, infected with bacteria, to disinfect as soon as possible. Third, improper fertilization, the application of thick fertilizer or raw fertilizer, will burn the rhizome, yellowing. Third, the light is too strong, under the strong light will be sunburned, stems and leaves are easy to yellow. No matter what causes it, we should treat it as soon as possible.

1. Bright astigmatism

Rhododendrons like to grow in places with bright astigmatism. The place where they are placed should ensure good light conditions. Exposure to astigmatism can be conducive to the synthesis of nutrients and help the growth and development in the later period.Pay attention to the strong light in summer, must not be directly placed in the hot sun, pay attention to shade and avoid light.

2. Proper watering

The azaleas must be kept moist during the growing period. In the spring and autumn growing seasons, the azaleas can be watered every three or four days. In summer, the water evaporates very quickly and can be watered every day. In winter, when the temperature drops, the rate of evaporation slows down and the need for watering decreases. You can wait until the soil is dry before watering.

3. Applying Fertilizer

Provide sufficient nutrients to ensure good growth, according to the growth needs of frequent application of thin fertilizer, appropriate nutrient supplement can promote vigorous growth.Attention should be paid to not applying thick fertilizer and raw fertilizer to avoid the death of rotten roots of plants.

4. Temperature Requirements

The temperature should be kept at about 15-28 degrees, not more than 32 degrees in summer and not less than 5 degrees in winter to avoid frostbite.

5. Suitable soil

Rhododendron is a typical acid-loving plant, so planting must provide acidic soil, you can prepare at home, choose sand, garden soil, peat soil and other mixed preparation, to ensure good loose and breathable.


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