Winter Bauhinia short modeling can not do, winter notes.

Lydia Rodarte-Quayle
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Its leaves usually crack for three reasons. First, the air is too dry, like the humid environment, the climate is too dry, leaves can not absorb water will slowly crack, in the dry climate to spray water frequently. Second, caused by insect pests, when infected with insect pests will bite the leaves, leaves will have wounds will crack. If pests are found, they should be sprayed and treated in time. Third, man-made damage, careless damage during the management of leaves will turn over, will crack.

1. winter short modeling can not do

Cercis chinensis will gradually fall leaves in autumn, and after the leaves fall in winter, it can be cut short appropriately, but the pruning in winter is mainly based on thinning, and the short cutting is mostly carried out in summer.Cercis chinensis short cut is to select branches that grow too long, and prune part of them properly to shorten them, which can reduce the consumption of nutrients and promote the germination of lateral branches, and also need to prune according to the distribution of branches of trees, adjust the growth of branches, which can promote the uniform distribution of branches and make the shape of trees more beautiful.

In addition to cutting short, we should also thin out the branches of trees, cut off the diseased branches, pest branches, weak branches and dead branches, and remove some over-dense branches and cross branches.

2. Precautions in Winter

Cercis chinensis itself has certain cold resistance, but we must pay attention to keeping warm and adjusting the temperature in the growing environment, only by ensuring the temperature, can we avoid the plant being frostbitten and frozen to death.Potted redbuds can be moved indoors or in greenhouses to keep the temperature above 10 degrees Celsius.At the same time, we should adjust the maintenance methods, see more sunshine, control water and fertilizer, and avoid cold wind invasion.If the indoor temperature is high and the maintenance is good, it is possible to achieve flowering.


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