What should we pay attention to when we plant Bauhinia? Do you need to prune it?

Hank Schrader
2020-11-16 11:23:35
The yellowing of its leaves is mainly caused by three reasons. First, the light is too strong, long-term exposure to the sun leaves will be sunburned, to reduce the light time, reduce the intensity of light, slowly will recover. Second, the lack of water, it likes humid environment, the environment or soil is too dry to have drought yellow situation, to supplement water. Third, the root system is rotten, if the root system is rotten, the leaves will turn yellow, so it is necessary to prune the rotten roots and replant them after disinfection.

1. Loose soil

When maintaining Bauhinia potted plants, we must pay attention to ensuring good soil factors, although the requirements for soil are not strict, but providing appropriate soil can be conducive to good growth, can provide fertile and loose soil, and maintain good drainage.

2. avoid strong light

Although Bauhinia naturally likes sunshine, it grows well under sufficient light, and can be given sufficient sunshine during its normal growth period to absorb more sunshine.In summer, we must pay attention to the intensity of the sun at this time, we must avoid the hot sun exposure, do not put it outdoors regardless.

3. Reasonable water and fertilizer

In the maintenance of potted Bauhinia flowers, attention should also be paid to watering and fertilizing. Although it likes to be wet, it can't stand the accumulation of water. It must control the amount of water and never water too much.Bauhinia like fertilizer, if the lack of fertilizer, will lead to malnutrition, sparse branches and leaves, the number of flowers is small, should pay attention to rational fertilization, but control the concentration and dosage.

4. Replace the basin in time

It is not only to provide suitable soil for growth and maintenance, but also to pay attention to repotting and repotting soil once every 1-2 years.

5. Timely Trimming

Maintenance also need to pay attention to timely pruning, pruning from the seedling stage, to help form a good plant type in the later period, pinching and thinning in the later growth period, more conducive to growth.


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