Crab claw orchid has bud to still can apply fertilizer, how to apply fertilizer to water when blossoming?

Lydia Rodarte-Quayle
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Provide nutrition: before sprouting in the spring, the orchid is replaced with a new plant material with sufficient fertility, soft and breathable, and some compound fertilizer containing more nitrogen elements is applied in time. Carry out plant division: before sprouting, remove that pot from the plant and dividing the plant into a plurality of sub-plants, and cultivating the sub-plants respectively. Germination by hormones: treatment of orchid plants with hormones that promote cell division and growth. Moderate pruning: In the spring after the flowers withered orchids, timely removal of residual flowers.

1. can the crab cactus be fertilized when it has a bud?

It is still possible to fertilize the crab cactus when it grows a bud.Because more nutrients are consumed in the later period, enough nutrients can ensure better development of flower buds and better flowering.However, attention should be paid to the control of fertilization at this time, not too much at a time, otherwise it is easy to produce fertilizer damage, resulting in flower buds can not differentiate, affecting flowering.

2. how to fertilize Zygocactus when blooming

Zygocactus should choose suitable fertilizer when flowering, usually with phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, to promote flower bud differentiation.We should also pay attention to reducing the amount of nitrogen fertilizer, and stop applying nitrogen fertilizer when necessary to avoid excessive growth of plants.When applied, it can be directly applied to the soil, and then watered to dilute the fertilizer as soon as possible so that the plants can absorb it.It is recommended to dissolve and then apply it, so that the concentration of fertilizer can be controlled and the plant can absorb it faster.

3. How to water the cactus orchid when it blossoms

When blooming, it is necessary to control the frequency and amount of watering, and not to be too diligent.Usually, it can be watered once every three or five days.If you encounter low temperature environment, but also extend the time, once a week.Pay attention to watering thoroughly every time you water, so that the root system and soil at the bottom can contact water.In addition, we should also pay attention to watering time, spring should be watered at noon.If it is a summer flowering variety, it should be watered before the sun rises or when the sun sets.

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