What season does tulip open, the conserve method after blossoming?

Mike Ehrmantraut
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Orchids may not bloom because of the temperature discomfort, at this time they can be moved to a 15-20 C place to raise. It may also be because of illness or insects, at this time to brush off pests, cut off the diseased part, and then spray the corresponding agent for its treatment. It may also be due to overwatering, at this time to temporarily stop the water, and cut off the withered part of the plant. Wait for the soil to dry before watering.

1. what season does the tulip bloom?

Tulips usually bloom between March and May every year, which is spring in terms of season.It has many varieties, and the specific flowering time will vary with different varieties and different climates.Some will bloom earlier, around March, and some will bloom later, in May.When blooming, the flowers are colorful and various, beautiful and ornamental.

2. Maintenance method of tulip after blooming

1. Pruning: After flowering every year, it is necessary to prune and cut off the residual flowers, specifically, directly from the two or three centimeters below the flowers or the base of the flower branches.Along with dead leaves, yellow leaves and unhealthy branches, it saves nutrients and helps it recover better.

2. Pilling: After all the parts on the ground are withered, it is best to carry out pilling treatment. Generally, pilling can be carried out in June.Take the seed ball out of the soil and prune the root system properly.After treatment, dry the wound in a cool place, and then move it to dry sand for sand storage.During this period, we should pay attention not to get wet in the rain, otherwise the bulbs will rot.If it is in the northern region, most of the bulbs are buried deep, not pilling is also OK.


3. Replanting: After the temperature drops in autumn, the seed bulbs can be taken out for replanting. Before planting, check the state of the bulbs. If the bulbs are in a healthy state, put them directly into the pot and cover them with soil.

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