How does Chinese rose spend winter in winter, how does prune in winter?

Jesse Pinkman
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Orchids have not been blooming, probably because the temperature of the breeding environment is not suitable. At this time, it should be moved to the environment of about 15 C for maintenance, and wait for it to blossom. Or it could be that too much nitrogen is put on it. At this time, the application of nitrogen fertilizer should be temporarily suspended and the application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer should be changed to stimulate its flowering. It may also be because too much water has been poured on it. At this time, it should be immediately controlled watering, and it is transferred to a semi-shady, ventilated place for slow curing.

1. How do Chinese roses spend the winter in winter

1, increase illumination: It itself is the flower plant that likes the sun, winter light is very downy, should let it bask more more.It is best to accept the whole day's light, it is recommended to put it on the balcony of the south, at least six hours a day in the sun, enough light can also increase the temperature of the plant, which is of great help to winter.

2. Enhance ventilation: It is often placed indoors for maintenance in winter, but attention should be paid not to long-term non-ventilation, otherwise it is easy to be infected with diseases and insect pests.Choose to open the window in the afternoon on a sunny day to breathe.In addition, we should loosen the soil frequently to keep the soil soft.

3. Reduce water and fertilizer: In winter, the Chinese rose stops growing, and the water and fertilizer requirements are very good. It is necessary to reduce watering and stop applying fertilizer.When watering, we should first look at the soil condition, and then water if the soil is dry.In addition, winter fertilizer should be applied once before winter to improve its cold tolerance.

Chinese rose

2. how to prune Chinese rose in winter

Winter is the dormant stage of the Chinese rose. At this time, it is necessary to prune the branches. Proper pruning can not only help it survive the winter, but also promote better growth and more flowers next year.If it is a large flower variety, the upper end of the lateral branches should be cut off to ensure that the plant type is more beautiful.If the vine rose, to prune the old branches, diseased branches, weak branches.

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