Notes for 1-year potted peony seedlings, how many years can the seedlings bloom?

Hank Schrader
2020-11-16 11:23:35
The reproduction of impatiens is usually done in two ways. One is to use the sowing method, preferably around April. The seeds should be soaked first, so that they can germinate faster after soaking. Water the seedbed thoroughly before sowing, then scatter the seeds and cover them with thin soil. It will take about ten days for the seedlings to emerge. The second is to use cutting method, select 6-8 cm long branches as cuttings, directly inserted in loose and breathable soil, later watering, pay attention to ventilation, half a month or so can take root.

Precautions for potted one-year-old and one-year-old peony seedlings

1. Soil selection: The root system of peony itself is fleshy, and the root system of one-year seedlings is more fragile, so suitable soil must be selected when potting.Want to make sure breathable, loose, drainage is good and should fecund just go, had better be to show slant alkalescent, acidity cannot too heavy.

2. Transplanting time: Seedlings must pay attention to the time when transplanting.It is better to choose in autumn, the climate is more suitable, convenient for seedlings to adapt to the new environment, but also reduce the damage to the root system.

3. Bring soil into the pot: When planting a potted plant, it is best to plant it in the pot with a ball. The ball can protect the root system, which is not easy to be injured, and can also promote faster recovery and growth.Pay attention to the flowerpot does not need to choose too big, later according to the growth of repotting on the line.

4. Management after planting: It is unavoidable to cause damage to the root system when planting. Don't water it in a hurry after planting. It is better to water it two days later. The first watering should be thorough, but there should be no water accumulation.

2. How many years of flowering of peony seedlings

How many years of peony seedlings can blossom depends on whether they are planted or not.If the seedlings are three years old or more, they may blossom in the same year after transplanting in autumn.However, if transplanted one or two years of flower seedlings, after planting may be separated by one or two years before flowering.


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