Can dripping Guanyin be transplanted in autumn? The leaves turn yellow after transplanting.

Gustavo Fring
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Iris should pay attention to the problem of good light at home, we must provide good light, and keep it indoors where there is bright light. Irises like to grow in slightly alkaline soil, so they can not provide acid soil. When watering, pay attention to not excessive, keep the soil slightly wet and dry, and deal with rotten roots in time. Also note that it contains toxicity, we must prevent the emergence of eating by mistake, can be raised in places that are not easily accessible.

1. can Dishui Guanyin be transplanted in autumn?

Dishui Guanyin can be transplanted in autumn.Because the temperature of this season is not high or low, it is very warm and suitable, and the plant is in the growth stage, after transplanting, it can adapt to the new environment faster and recover growth faster.However, attention should be paid not to the rainy days, but also to the management after transplanting.

2. how does the leaves turn yellow after transplanting Dishui Guanyin

1. Too strong light: The newly transplanted Dishui Guanyin is still very weak. You can't let it receive direct light in a hurry. It is easy to sunburn the plant, and yellow leaves will appear.It is necessary to move to the place of astigmatism and ventilation as soon as possible, and then increase the amount of light after the resumption of growth.

2, watering too much: just transplanted plants have not fully restored growth, water demand is relatively small.If too much water is watered at this time, the plant can not absorb the water left behind, hindering the root respiration, the leaves will slowly yellow over time, and will fall in serious cases.Ventilation should be more, water should be stopped first, and then normal management should be carried out after the plants recover, and water should be given.

Dishui Guanyin

3. Normal phenomenon: The plants just transplanted are weak, and the roots will inevitably be injured during the transplanting process, and the leaves will turn yellow. This is a normal phenomenon.Don't worry too much, it will recover slowly after a long time.

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