Water culture peony and spider plant breeding methods and precautions, water culture will not blossom.

Walter White
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Iris has a strong adaptability, and the native place is at a relatively high altitude, which can withstand the cold. There are many varieties of iris, not all of which are cold-resistant, such as German iris, which is less cold-resistant. Most of the varieties are cold-resistant, can grow in the cold northern region, suitable for planting in the northern region, generally safe overwintering, do not need to do more warm measures.

1. Culture method

1. Temperature: The cold resistance of peony chlorophytum is not good, especially for hydroponic maintenance, the ability to resist low temperature will be worse.Therefore, attention should be paid to warm treatment during maintenance.It is best to provide it with a temperature between 15 and 25 degrees at ordinary times.In winter, the temperature should be controlled above 5 degrees.

2, light: water conservation should pay more attention to light, light enough to promote better flowering, growth.During the cultivation period, it is best to bask in the sun for 6 hours every day, and can not be placed in the shade for a long time, otherwise the plants can not blossom.

3, Fertilization: water conservation when regular fertilization, nutrient enough to promote flowering.It is best to fertilize every 10 to 15 days, directly add nutrient solution to the water, nutrient enough plants will get more nutrients, so as to better blossom.

Peony chlorophytum

2. Precautions

During the period of water culture and protection, attention should be paid to changing water frequently, depending on the climate and temperature.If the temperature is low, change it several times, and reduce the number of times when it is cold.Specifically, it is once every three days in summer and once every half month in winter.

Peony chlorophytum

Third, will hydroponics blossom

If the peony chlorophytum cultivated and maintained in water can be carried out according to the above method, the plant can grow vigorously and blossom.If the method is not appropriate, the plant will grow thin and weak, and will not blossom.

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