How to prune impatiens, what season can be pruned?

Skyler White
2020-11-16 11:23:35
After repotting the orchid, you need to water the root fixing water first. To use clean water, water from the surface of the soil, the soil will be thoroughly watered. Wait until water droplets drip out of the drainage holes at the bottom of the pot before stopping watering. After watering for the first time, it is necessary to wait until its flower soil is dry before watering for the second time. When watering, we should also water thoroughly, not half of the water, otherwise it will cause damage to its root system.

1. Pruning Time

Impatiens should be pruned in time during the management period for better growth and more blooms.It is usually pruned during the growing season and flowering season, that is, in spring and summer.The autumn flowering period will slowly end, it is an annual plant, later do not need to manage.

2. Pruning Method

1, growth period pruning: Impatiens growth rate is relatively fast, lignification of the branches where few, more tender.Therefore, when the main branch grows to 25 centimeters high, it is necessary to start pruning.The terminal bud will be pinched off, so as to enhance its branching ability, the overall plant type will be fuller in the later period, and the number of flowering will increase.

2. Flowering pruning: Impatiens during flowering also need to be pruned, especially if you want to enjoy the flowers.Cut off the flower pedicle, so that the flower can not bear seeds, and the flower will blossom more prosperously.In addition, the flowers at the base should be cut off in time, which can save a lot of nutrients, promote the top flower buds to open one after another, will cause the phenomenon of flowers, ornamental will be higher.

Impatiens balsam

3. Precautions for pruning

When pruning, disinfect the tools first to avoid infection in the wound area, and the plant is easy to get sick.In addition, after pruning, we should not rush to water, let the wound be wet, and wait for the wound to heal before resuming management.

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