Potted impatiens how to raise in winter, winter can survive?

Lydia Rodarte-Quayle
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Orchid fertilization can be applied to special fertilizer, but also can be applied to peel, fish bones and other substances fermented retting out of self-made fertilizer. Before planting, some animal manure can be mixed into its plant material to ferment fertilizer to improve the fertility of the plant material. Generally, fertilizer should be applied 1-2 times a month, if it is not convenient to apply fertilizer on time, slow release fertilizer should be applied once every three months or so. Before it blossoms, it can also be sprayed with potassium dihydrogen phosphate several times.

1. How to raise potted impatiens in winter

1. Control the temperature: The temperature in winter is low, while impatiens is not cold-resistant and likes warm environment.If you want it to survive the winter safely, you must first control the temperature.After cooling, the potted plants should be moved indoors, and the indoor temperature should be above 10 degrees, so as not to be frostbitten.

2, more sunshine: It itself is very fond of the sun, low temperature in winter, the sun is very mild.At this time, let it see more of the sun.It is best to put it on the indoor balcony and bask in the sun all day, so that the temperature of the plant itself can increase, which is beneficial to winter.

3. Scientific watering: Impatiens balsamina almost stops growing in the low temperature environment in winter, and its demand for water is very small, and it does not like water and humidity, and is drought-resistant.Therefore, it is necessary to reduce watering at this time.If the soil is not dry, do not water it first, and when it is dry, a small amount of irrigation will be enough to ensure demand.If you water too much, it will backfire.

Impatiens balsam

2. potted impatiens winter can survive it

The cold resistance of impatiens is very poor. In winter, the temperature is low. If the temperature is not controlled in time, the plant will slowly wither and die.But if it is maintained according to the above method, it can be intact and grow again after the temperature rises in spring.

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