How to manage potted trumpet creeper in winter? The lowest temperature in winter

Walter White
2020-11-16 11:23:35
If the rubber tree grows very tall, it needs to be pruned in time. First cut the branches that are too high on the plant, then cut off all the long branches, and cut the branches that grow together on the plant. If there are old branches, dead branches or abnormal growth, dry and yellow leaves on the plant, they should be cut off together. After that, put it in a ventilated place to dry the cut. Then put it in a warm place and slowly maintain it.

1. how to manage potted trumpet creeper in winter

1. Reduce watering: In winter, the growth rate of trumpet creeper is very slow, and the water demand is greatly reduced.Therefore, at this time, the amount and frequency of watering should be reduced appropriately.It is usually watered once every 10 to 15 days to meet its water needs.

2. Stop fertilizing: stop fertilizing in winter.Therefore, the plants almost stop growing at low temperature and do not need to be fertilized and supplemented.At this time, the nutrients contained in the soil can maintain growth, and additional fertilization is prone to fertilizer damage.

3, more sun: It likes the sun itself, the light in winter is very mild, can be placed in the light, more sun, so it is more favorable for the winter.

4. Temperature control treatment: The cold resistance of Campsis grandiflora is not very high, so don't let it be frozen.At this time, the temperature should be maintained at more than 5 degrees, which is more secure.If it is below 5 degrees, it is better to cover it with plastic film for heat preservation.

2. Lowest temperature endured by Campsis grandiflora in winter

There are many varieties of Campsis grandiflora, and the cold resistance of Campsis grandiflora planted in different areas is different.Generally, the cold resistance of plants in northern areas is higher, but they are also afraid of freezing.Winter temperature is low, potted management is best moved indoors for winter, the temperature should be guaranteed to be above 5 degrees, it will be more secure and safer.

Campsis grandiflora

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