How and when to prune poinsettias?

Jesse Pinkman
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Campsis grandiflora is a liana of Campsis genus, which is widely distributed and easy to cultivate. It is to use the method of cuttage to breed more, when inserting, choose annual sturdy branch to undertake, the depth that notices to insert, the 2/3 that can insert into the soil goes. After inserting, pay attention to heat preservation, moisturizing, about 20 days can take root. In addition, more attention should be paid to fertilization, watering and pruning during cultivation to promote more vigorous growth.

How to trim a poinsettia

1, pinching: pinching the poinsettia twice is needed in the growing season.The first pinching is in the middle of June.When the plant grows to about 15cm, the new buds above the plant are cut off, and only 3-5 new buds are kept.The second time was in late August.At this time, it is recommended to keep 5-9 flower heads and cut off the other flower heads.

2. Cut off the residual flower: After it blossoms, it also needs to be pruned.At this time, the residual flowers on the branches should be cut off in time so as not to waste nutrients on the plants.After cutting off the residual flowers, you can check whether there are yellow leaves and dead leaves on the plant.If there is, you can cut it off together.This will not only keep the plant ornamental, but also help to increase its growth and make it grow better.

2. When will the poinsettia be pruned

Poinsettia pinching has two times.The first one is in the middle of June.The second is in late August.Post-flowering pruning can be carried out after it has opened.It is usually carried out from February to April.However, because different varieties have different flowering periods under different breeding conditions, the pruning time is not necessarily the same.In addition, when it is in the growth period, if there are yellow leaves, it can also be cut off in time.

Euphorbia pulcherrima

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