How does small beautiful flower raise in the winter, should dig come out?

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2020-11-16 11:23:35
There are two points to pay attention to when watering the trumpet creeper. One is watering time. In spring and autumn, the climate is suitable and there is no need to consider the time. But if it is in summer and winter, we should pay attention to the time. In summer, it should be watered at night, while in winter, it should be watered at noon. Second, the amount of watering, in the seedling stage can be more watering, but to reduce the amount of late, if water is easy to lead to root rot phenomenon.

1. Should the dahlia be dug out in winter

In winter, if the dahlia can be raised indoors in a warm place, or the temperature outside is not particularly low, then it is not necessary to dig out its seed balls.But if you can't provide a warm environment for it, it is recommended to dig out the seed ball, cut off the withered part, wrap it in newspaper and store it in a ventilated place.

2. how to raise small dahlia in winter

1. Temperature: In winter, if it does not pill, it needs to be placed in a warm enough place to cultivate, so as not to freeze it.In particular, the temperature may be maintained between the temperature is very low, the seed balls need to be pilled to avoid freezing.

2. Illumination: In winter, the sunshine is not very strong. It is recommended to put the dahlia in a place with full sunshine.This allows its leaves to synthesize more nutrients, while helping to raise the temperature around it, which is very beneficial to its safe winter.

3. Watering: In winter, you don't need to water too much.Generally, water 1-2 times a month to keep its flower soil slightly dry.If the temperature of the maintenance environment is high, reaching more than 20 C, watering can be increased as appropriate.

4. Fertilization: In winter, it is not necessary to fertilize the dahlia.Because of the low temperature in winter, it grows slowly and needs less nutrients from the outside world.At this time, suspending fertilization can avoid bringing burden to its root system.

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