How to Prune Cactus Finger and How to Cut

Saul Goodman
2020-11-16 11:23:35
To judge whether the orchid is short of water, you can judge from the leaves, if the old leaves begin to yellow and dry from the tip, the leaves shrink and the plants wilt, it means that the orchid is short of water, you can water it. You can also observe the color of the soil surface through your eyes, and the lighter color indicates drought and water shortage. You can also knock on the wall of the flowerpot with your hand, and the clear sound means that you are short of water. Or you can insert your finger into the flowerpot to feel that the soil is dry and hard, which means that the pot soil is dry and lack of water.

1. how to prune the cactus

1. Pruning before flowering: Pruning is needed before the cactus fingers bloom.When pruning, we should first cut off the leaves that have grown into deformities, and then cut off the branches that are too thin.After cutting, put it in a ventilated place and dry the cut quickly.If conditions permit, you can also use disinfectants to deal with the cut, so as not to infect the wound bacteria.

2. Pruning after flowering: It also needs to be pruned after it has finished flowering.First, cut off all the residual flowers on it, then thin out some over-dense branches, and cut off the old branches at the same time, which can slow down the rate of nutrient loss of the plant and help it recover faster.After it blossoms, you can also shape it and cut off its more prominent branches to improve its ornamental value.

2. how to cut cactus

It is recommended to cut the cactus when it is in the growing season, that is, in spring or autumn.First, prepare a good mother plant of fairy finger, and then cut a good branch from it with scissors, which is 1-4 nodes long.After that, the branches are dried in a ventilated place, inserted into soft and breathable sandy soil, and placed in an environment of about 20 degrees Celsius.Soon it will take root.

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