How is Campsis pruned, be evergreen plant?

Walter White
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Butter yellow peach on the soil requirements are not high, to provide general ventilation loose soil, after a period of time should be potted soil. Pay attention to the management of water and fertilizer, follow the principle of dry and thorough watering, a small amount of water can be given every week, and reduce watering in winter. During the period of vigorous growth, it is enough to fertilize once a month. Spring and autumn growth period provides full light, summer attention to shade and avoid light. Keep it in a warm environment as far as possible, and avoid too low temperature in winter.

1. how to trim trumpet creeper

1. Pruning during the growth period: When the plant grows to 10 to 15 centimeters, the growth rate is relatively fast, and pruning should be carried out in time at this time.Its top can be cut off directly to promote the germination of more lateral branches.In the process of lateral branch growth, the top of the new lateral branch should be cut off, so that the plant type will be more plump.

2. Multi-branch pruning: When its lateral branches grow to a certain scale, the plant can be made into a spherical shape or a flower basket in the form of binding, so that the overall ornamental value will be higher after later growth.You can also take a main branch as the leading factor, use bundling, winding or traction means to make it form a unique shape, and then prune the branches outside the shape, which will be more stylish.

3. Mature pruning: Mature refers to the fact that many of its branches have grown to maturity. At this time, the branches of the plant are usually longer. You can prune them in a twisted way, so that the overall look will be more aesthetic.

Is Campsis grandiflora an evergreen plant

Campsis is not an evergreen plant.It usually begins to grow leaves around March every year and will blossom in May.Flowering is mainly in summer.When the temperature drops in autumn, the leaves begin to fall slowly, and in winter, the leaves fall off, leaving only branches, so it is not an evergreen plant.

Campsis grandiflora

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