How to grow chrysanthemum succulents, with deep pots or shallow pots

Lydia Rodarte-Quayle
2020-11-16 11:23:35
There are many reasons for the withering of white orchid leaves. It may be caused by root rot, at this time, it is necessary to take off the pot to check its roots, trim off the rotten roots, and then re-pot. It may also be caused by too much light, so it needs to be moved to a cool position. It may also be due to poor ventilation conditions, which requires proper ventilation.

1. how to raise

1. Suitable soil: Succulent feverfew cannot grow in heavy and airtight soil. It is necessary to provide sandy soil with good ventilation. Peat soil mixed with river sand and coal cinder can be used to make the soil loose and permeable.

2. Adequate sunshine: Flesh chrysanthemum needs to provide enough sunshine, so that the color of the leaves will be more beautiful and the growth will be better.In daily maintenance, it can be kept in a place with good light, such as the balcony, so that it can absorb more sunshine, so as to ensure the momentum of good growth.Although I like the sunshine, I can't stand the exposure.

3. Adequate watering: It is relatively drought-resistant, and can not make the pot soil in a wet state for a long time. Attention should be paid to controlling watering, and water accumulation must not occur in the pot.Summer dormancy period to reduce watering, winter temperature is relatively low, also need to reduce watering.

4, temperature requirements: Flesh Chrysanthemum like warm growth environment, not cold, winter must pay attention to good temperature, must not be frostbite.

5. Prevention and control of insect pests: The fleshy white chrysanthemum may be damaged by insect pests during its growth, which should be prevented and treated in time.

2. deep pot or shallow pot

Chrysanthemum is a kind of succulent plant, it can't stand water, so choose a shallow pot to match the growth of the plant.


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