How to raise the newly bought duck foot wood?

Marie Schrader
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Its failure to flower may be caused by self-pollination, and it is necessary to promote cross-pollination in order to improve fruit setting rate. When planting, plants with long and short styles should be planted alternately. It may also be caused by improper pruning, which can not be pruned in time during the management period, and the long branches will disperse nutrients and reduce the fruiting rate. It should be pruned reasonably, and it is better to fertilize properly after pruning, so that enough nutrients can promote flowering and more fruits.

1. Soil replacement

Don't rush to change the soil when you just bought the duck foot wood. Now it is very fragile and easy to get hurt.If the current soil fertility is low, appropriate cake fertilizer can be added to increase fertility, and humus soil, pastoral soil and a small part of perlite can also be used to reconstitute soil.

2. Illumination

Duckfoot wood likes a semi-shady environment. When it is bought and maintained, it should also receive appropriate sunlight. It should not be exposed to light for a long time. It should receive about 4 hours of light every day. When the light is too strong, it should pay attention to shading to avoid being burned by direct radiation.

3. Watering

After buying it home, we should water it properly and keep the soil moist.Don't water too much, because its root system can't absorb too much water now, and it's easy to waterlog if you water too much.In addition, when the air is relatively dry, water can be sprayed to the blades to increase the humidity of the surrounding environment.

4. Fertilization

The newly bought duck palm wood can use a small amount of low-concentration cake fertilizer water or compound fertilizer, pay attention to control the amount, do not fertilize too much, otherwise it can not be completely absorbed, easy to cause root burning phenomenon.Normal fertilization should be carried out after adapting to the new environment.

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