How does forsythia prune, prune a method

Hank Schrader
2020-11-16 11:23:35
After buying the six times interest back, we should first observe the basin and soil, if the original soil quality is too poor, we should immediately change the soil. It can be mixed with humus soil and slightly acidic sandy loam, which is rich in humus and permeable to water and air, and is very suitable for its growth. When you buy it back, you need to give it a period of time to adapt to the environment, and you can't give it too high temperature. Give it enough light, but also do a good job of heat preservation and shade.

1. Juvenile pruning

Young forsythia should be cultured first, and the buds at the base and the branches at the lower part of the trunk should be pruned off.When the trunk grows to the desired height, the top tip is cut off to promote the germination of lateral branches.After the growth of lateral branches is completed, two or three prunings should be carried out to make the crown more plump.When pruning, remove the weak branches of the crown to promote better growth on the outside of the lateral branches and help expand the crown.

2. Trimming at Middle Age

The middle age period is the vigorous growth period of the plant. At this time, the pruning is mainly to cut off the diseased and weak branches, leaving only the strong branches.The pruning time is in spring and autumn.After Frosts Descent in autumn, the weak branches should be cut off, and the dense branches and leaves should be thinned.Many new branches will sprout after the flowering period in spring every year, and the dense branches and buds should be properly picked to promote better light, which is beneficial to growth.

3. Aging Trim

The whole state of forsythia will slowly weaken after many years of growth, and it is necessary to prune it correctly.At this time, it is mainly retraction pruning, that is, to cut the perennial branches short, improve the light, so as to save a lot of nutrients and cultivate new branches.In addition, root pruning treatment should be carried out to cut off some old roots, dead roots and rotten roots, so as to better absorb water and nutrients, promote faster germination of new roots and help recovery.

Forsythia suspensa

4. Precautions

During the management of forsythia, not only correct and timely pruning, but also pay attention to maintenance.Want it to bear more fruit, but also timely fertilizer treatment, nutrient enough to help growth, promote more flowering, more fruit.

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