How does potted forsythia prune, for what not result

Gustavo Fring
2020-11-16 11:23:35
It is better not to repot the newly bought flying feather arrowroot immediately, but to wait until it begins to grow before repotting. Before repotting, keep it in a cool place and keep it warm so that it doesn't freeze. Don't water it when you just buy it back, because it absorbs water slowly at this time, and avoid water accumulation in the basin, so as to avoid its root injury. Fertilization can be suspended at this time until it starts to grow again.

1. how to trim

The germination ability of Forsythia suspensa is relatively strong, so it should be pruned frequently during potted period.Diseased branches, weak branches and spindly branches should be cut off in time to save nutrients, increase internal light transmission capacity and promote better and faster growth.When new branches sprout every spring, if you find too dense branches, you should also cut them from the base.

If you want to make a shape after about three years of maintenance, you must prune it regularly and prune it into the shape you want.Its branches sprout quickly and its shape is easy to form.

2. Why No Result

1. Low fruiting rate of self-pollination: The failure of Fructus forsythiae planted in pots may be caused by self-pollination, the fruiting rate is only about 4%, only cross-pollination will be higher, but it is difficult to carry out cross-pollination when planted at home.If you want to have a higher fruiting rate, you need to promote cross-pollination.Plants with long styles and plants with short styles should be spaced apart to promote cross-pollination.

2. Improper pruning: It has strong germination ability. If it is not pruned in time, there will be a lot of spindly branches, which will absorb a large amount of nutrients, thus leading to nutrient dispersion, and the fruiting rate will be reduced.Reasonable pruning should be carried out to prune off weak branches and long branches, leaving only strong branches.

Forsythia suspensa

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