How forsythia assist pruning, how to improve fruit set

Walter White
2020-11-16 11:23:35
It is better not to change the pot of the white chrysanthemum just bought. It should be placed in a place with moderate light, relatively warm and good ventilation. During the slow pot period, water should be controlled and fertilizer should be stopped to give its root system a relatively gentle environment to help it recover. Wait until it starts to grow before repotting. The soil should be changed when the pot is changed. The new soil should be rich in nutrition, good in air permeability and drainage, and can be prepared by mixing humus soil and sandy soil

1. How to perform auxiliary trimming

1. Pruning during the growth period: Pruning the damaged and diseased branches during the growth period, and leaving the healthy branches, so as to save nutrients and promote more vigorous growth.When sprouting in spring, we should also prune the dense buds, and cut off the tiller buds that affect the tree vigor.In addition, after flowering, the branches should be cut short to promote the germination of new branches, so that the tree shape is more plump.

2. Dormant pruning: Dormant pruning must be carried out at this time after the leaves fall in autumn and winter.Cut off the dead, the dead, the wild, the thin branches and the strong branches.The part with new buds can be left, usually three or five buds are left on each branch.In addition, if the plant has been maintained for many years, it should be pruned back.

2. How to improve fruit setting

In order to improve the fruit setting rate of Forsythia suspensa, two aspects should be paid attention to.One is to promote cross-pollination.If self-pollination, the fruit rate is usually only 4%, cross-pollination fruit rate will be higher.When planting, it is recommended to space long and short style plants apart to promote cross-pollination.The second is to prune in time, especially to cut off some leggy branches and weak branches in time, reduce nutrient consumption, and make nutrients more concentrated, which can also improve its fruit setting rate.

Forsythia suspensa

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