How to raise the newly bought Lily bamboo?

Gustavo Fring
2020-11-16 11:23:35
When you first buy a single tree, put it in a well-ventilated and sunny place. If the original soil quality is too poor, it is necessary to choose loose sandy soil for repotting, when repotting, the old roots and rotten roots should be pruned off. When watering, do not pour too much water at a time to prevent pot soil from accumulating water and rotting roots. Don't rush to fertilize when you just buy it, too much fertilizer may lead to root burning. Its vitality and adaptability are very strong, and there is no need to worry about its survival.

1. Soil

Lily bamboo has a strong adaptability to soil, and can grow well in various soil environments.If conditions permit, it can be repotted with sandy loam rich in humus, which is most conducive to its growth.It can be mixed with river sand, garden soil and humus soil, and has good air permeability and drainage.

2. Environment

It is best to put it in the indoor temperature of about 25 to adapt to the environment, if it is winter, at least keep it above 10 to prevent it from frostbite.In the home maintenance, summer will not be placed on the balcony and other places to receive direct sunlight, long-term exposure will lead to leaf stripes dim or even disappear, we should pay attention to its shade.

3. Watering

Its adaptability is relatively strong, slight drought and waterlogging will not cause too much impact, you can see dry irrigation, irrigation when the water can be thoroughly watered.It is better to spray water on it in time to increase the humidity of the surrounding air and the humidity of the leaves, which is conducive to the growth of its leaves and the clarity of its color.

4. Fertilization

In the growth period to fertilize it, every half a month to fertilize once, fertilizer is not too much.Watering in time after fertilization is conducive to its full absorption of nutrients.In each pot, adding a certain amount of organic fertilizer as base fertilizer is also very conducive to its growth.

5. Trimming

Its anti-pruning ability is strong, you can often prune off the ugly, poor growth of branches and leaves, pruned into their favorite tree type.Attention should be paid to fertilization and watering after pruning to ensure the germination of new buds and the repair of branches and leaves.

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