How to raise the new windmill jasmine?

Gustavo Fring
2020-11-16 11:23:35
When you buy Bambusa multiplex back, you should let it adapt to the environment at home. First check the pot soil, if the original soil is poor, it is necessary to prepare breathable, drainage good soil, it is best to use humus-rich humus soil. Try to keep the soil in the roots and don't hurt the roots. At home, we should give it a temperature of about 20 degrees Celsius and keep it ventilated. The humidity can be increased by spraying water properly. Just bought back does not need to fertilize, need to wait for it to resume growth before fertilizing.

1. Soil

If you bring your own pot with soil, check the soil quality first. If the soil is not caked and relatively soft, you can continue to use it.Because it has only one requirement for soil, it can not be alkaline soil.Garden soil or general planting nutrient soil can be used, and slightly acidic soil is better.

2. Temperature

At home, we should provide it with a relatively warm temperature to help it adapt to the new living environment. Although it can be cold-resistant, it is not cold-resistant. In winter, we must pay attention to keeping it warm.

3. Watering

Just bought back to change the environment, its ability to absorb water is still relatively weak, do not give it too much water.It is a wet plant, but we must pay attention not to let the pot water, pay attention to the degree of soil moisture, timely drainage.It is better to adjust the amount of watering according to the season, watering once a day, and reducing it appropriately in winter.

4. Illumination

Just bought it home is best placed in a relatively cool place, until the beginning of growth, it can be placed in the sunny place, to ensure adequate light.Although it can grow in dark places, it grows slowly and has poor germination ability.

5. Fertilization

When you first bring it home, the root system absorbs it too slowly, so don't fertilize it to avoid burning the root.More phosphate fertilizer and potash fertilizer can be applied, and compound fertilizer can be used once or twice in spring and autumn.

6. Shape Trimming

After it adapts, you can use the climbing frame shape and let it grow into your favorite shape along the shelf.

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