How does thousand year wood raise in the winter, drop a leaf how to do?

Marie Schrader
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Pruning brazilwood during its growing season, when the climate is warm, helps the plant recover. Its growth rate is relatively fast, it is easy to grow high, so it is necessary to cut at the root of the branches to control its height. In addition, some branches and leaves should be cut regularly to increase ventilation and light transmission and reduce the possibility of bacterial growth. After pruning, it should be placed in the shade, waiting for the wound to dry, usually 20 days can germinate.

1. how to raise in winter

1, light: Qiannian wood suitable for sufficient light in the local growth, if the lack of light, the plant will be stunted.Especially in winter, it is usually put indoors in order to keep warm, but ignoring the light, it needs to be put in a bright place, and pay attention to ventilation, do not let the environment too closed.

2. Temperature: The cold resistance of the millennial tree is relatively poor. If the temperature is lower than 5 in winter, the plant will be frostbitten.If you want it to survive the winter safely, you must ensure that the environment is warm.Before winter, it should be moved to a warm place indoors, or covered with plastic bags, which also has the effect of cold protection and heat preservation.

3. Water and fertilizer: The millennial tree likes the humid environment, but because the temperature is low in winter, the demand for water is reduced, and it is not easy to evaporate if it is watered too much, so it is necessary to control the amount of water and extend the watering interval, usually once every 7-10 days.In addition, its own demand for fertilizer is not high, and fertilization can be stopped in winter to avoid root rot.

4. Pruning: It is also necessary to prune the millennial tree in winter.Usually in early winter, the withered and yellow branches and leaves are subtracted to avoid nutrient consumption, which can promote the growth of new branches in the second year.In addition, if the lateral branches are too long, they need to be shortened appropriately to help the plant shape.

2. how to drop leaves

Manchurian Wood

There are many reasons why the leaves of the millennial wood fall off.If it is because of the dark environment, it needs to be properly exposed to light.If the temperature is too low, you need to do a good job of keeping warm.If it is due to insufficient watering, it needs to be supplemented with water.If it is because of too much fertilization, it is necessary to wash the pot soil with clean water, and pay attention to dilution before fertilization.

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