How to water the pitcher plant? How to raise it in winter?

Hank Schrader
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Before transplanting Brazilian wood, you need to stop watering and let the soil become dry, so that it is easy to remove the pot. After the plant is taken out of the flowerpot, the roots are soaked in water, the adhered old soil is washed away, the old roots and dead roots are cut off with scissors, and carbendazim is sprayed to prevent infection. Preparing rotten leaf soil, river sand and garden soil to prepare potting soil, and potting the plant again. After potting, put it in a semi-shady place, water it a little, and wait for the seedling recovery period.

1. how to water

Sarracenia is an insectivorous herbaceous plant. It was originally distributed in acidic marshes, so it prefers humid climates. Daily watering should also be appropriate to keep the soil moist, which is very helpful for the development of the plant.Usually in the growth season, water should be poured once a day, and spray properly to improve the humidity of the environment.If it is in summer, irrigate twice a day, but do not irrigate at noon, so as not to cause the ground temperature to decrease.When it comes to dormancy, you can control watering, not too much.

2. how to raise in winter

1, cold and warm: Sarracenia suitable for growth in a warm environment, cold resistance is relatively poor, so we must pay attention to cold and warm work.The temperature should be above 5-8 C, otherwise the plants will be frostbitten.If the temperature is low, plastic bags need to be put on the upper part of the plant to keep warm.Regularly pay attention to ventilation, but can not be blown by strong winds.

2. Water control and fertilizer stop: Sarracenia likes to be wet, but because of the low temperature in winter, the growth of the plant is slow, and the demand for water is correspondingly reduced, so the amount of water should be reduced.But also stop fertilize, so as not to cause harm to that plant due to the accumulation of fertilizer, which is not beneficial to the growth of the plant, and may even cause the root to rot.

3. Appropriate light: Sarracenia is suitable for growing in semi-shade environment, but because the temperature in winter is too low, and the light is not strong, long-term light will help it survive the winter.Usually, the plant should be placed in a sunny place so that it can fully receive light, especially at noon, which is very helpful to raise the ambient temperature.


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