How to trim the shape of Milan flower? Which month to trim it?

Jesse Pinkman
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Sorrel flower language is patriotic, bright heart and spicy, it is the national flower of Ireland, leaves were heart-shaped, spicy taste, so there is the meaning of these three. It's also called a clover, but it has a low chance of growing four leaves. Because it is relatively rare, it is also the legendary lucky grass, with four leaves representing true love, health, fame and wealth.

1. Pruning Time

The pruning time of C. meyeri was generally concentrated in the seedling stage and growth stage.Different periods of pruning, focusing on the direction is not the same.Pruning in seedling stage is mainly to control the growth of plants and facilitate the later modeling.The growth period is generally pruned in November, and reasonable thinning is carried out according to the growth of plants.In addition, do not prune in the dormant period, which is not conducive to plant recovery.

2. Pruning Method

1. Pinching and topping: In the seedling stage of the Milan flower, the plant needs to be pinched and topped, and the length of the trunk is controlled between 15 and 20 centimeters.By topping, it can remove its top advantage, promote the growth of lateral branches, make the plant look more beautiful, and more convenient to shape.You can also top the side branches, which can also make them more lush.

2. Daily pruning: Milanese peanuts are pruned for a long time, usually seven days before and after flowering.Before flowering, buds can be properly thinned or wiped, which can reduce nutrient consumption and make flowers more uniform.When the flowers fade, they need to be cut off in time to accumulate certain nutrients for the plant to continue to grow.

3. Pruning during the disease period: If the Milan flower is diseased, the branches and leaves will often become withered, and pruning is also needed at this time.Cut off the diseased branches and leaves, spray carbendazim and other drugs to avoid recurrence of the disease, and put it in the shade, wait for the wound to dry, so that the plant will recover quickly.In addition, the cut branches and leaves need to be destroyed centrally so as not to infect other plants.


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