How to raise snow in June and winter? Will the leaves fall in winter?

Gustavo Fring
2020-11-16 11:23:35
The thorns on the aloe vera are not toxic. Although many varieties are poisonous, they are mostly reflected in the juice, and the thorns are not poisonous. Therefore, if you are not careful to be pricked, you will not worry too much, wash the wound with clean water in time to ensure that the wound is clean, there will be no danger. The aloe varieties raised by ordinary families are not poisonous, but they can not be eaten directly to avoid bad consequences.

1. how to raise in winter

1. Strengthen sunshine: Snow in June needs moderate light in the growth process, and it is afraid of strong light, so it can not be placed in the sunny place for a long time at ordinary times to avoid sunburn.But the light in winter is relatively soft, often basking in the sun, which helps to promote photosynthesis, but also improve the environmental temperature, and help plants survive the winter.

2. Prevent cold and keep warm: If you want to live through the winter safely, you must control the temperature well. If the temperature is lower than 6 , you will be frostbitten.Therefore, before winter, it is necessary to put it indoors in a warm place, or use plastic belts to cover the upper part of the plant, which can play a cold-proof and warm-keeping effect.

3. Control water and stop fertilization: The growth of snow in June will slow down or even stop after winter, and the demand for water and nutrients is relatively low at this time, so it is necessary to control watering and stop fertilization, otherwise excessive water and fertilizer will easily affect plant growth, and even have the risk of root rot.If the indoor temperature is suitable and the plants continue to grow, they can also be watered and fertilized normally.

4. Keep ventilation: If the snow in June is kept indoors, the environment is relatively sealed, and the plants tend to breathe poorly, affecting their development.Need to maintain good ventilation, usually in the middle of the day can be put on the balcony, open the window to let the plants breathe fresh air, but to avoid being cold wind blowing.

2. will the leaves fall

Snow in June

Snow in June is an evergreen shrub. As long as the temperature is suitable, it will not shed its leaves. However, as long as the temperature is lower than 15 , the plant will grow poorly, and there will be the possibility of shedding its leaves.But wait until the next spring, the new leaves will grow, do not worry too much about the growth of plants.

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