How to raise the Arrow Lotus in winter? Can you prune it in winter?

Walter White
2020-11-16 11:23:35
After the Cymbidium flower bud to increase the light, more sun. If the temperature is below 25 degrees, you can bask in direct light for 4 hours a day. If the temperature is high, it will be placed in the astigmatism to promote better differentiation and growth of the bud. Fertilization should be appropriate at ordinary times, at this time, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers can be selected and applied once every ten days. Temperature should also be noted, it is best to maintain between 10-20 degrees, and there should be a temperature difference. Additional, water should see dry see wet undertake, cannot too frequent.

1. pay attention to warmth

Because of the low temperature in winter, the cold resistance of the arrow lotus is not strong, so we must do a good job of keeping warm, so as not to freeze the plant.Before winter, it needs to be transferred to a warm place indoors, and the temperature should be kept at least 5 degrees Celsius.If the room temperature is not enough, you need to put a plastic bag on the upper part of the plant to keep warm, so as to avoid frostbite.

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2. Adequate illumination

The arrow lotus can not do without sufficient light at any time. Light in winter not only helps photosynthesis, but also raises the ambient temperature to help the plant survive the winter better.Although the plant is afraid of exposure, but at this time the light will be more gentle, long-term exposure to light leaves will not be burned.

3. reduce watering

The drought tolerance of the lotus is relatively strong, and the demand for water is not high. If you water too much, it will easily lead to root rot.In winter, because the plants grow slowly, they should be watered less and kept dry properly.If you want to water, do not use cold water, need to ensure that the water temperature and room temperature are close before use.

4. Pay attention to fertilization

In order to ensure the healthy growth of the plant, the arrow lotus needs to be fertilized frequently in the growing period.But in winter, fertilizer can not be applied, otherwise fertilizer will cause damage to the root system.However, before winter, fertilizer can be supplemented once, which can also improve the cold resistance of plants.

Ling Jian He Hua

5. Can I trim

Pruning is usually carried out in the growth stage of the plant. In winter, due to the low temperature, the development of the plant is slow, so it can not be pruned, otherwise it is not easy to recover, and it will also affect the growth of the next year.

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