How to let jasmine old branch sprout, old branch how to prune?

Jane Margolis
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Lotus is a long-day flower plant, it is raised in a place with good light, at least 6 hours of sunshine per day, avoid long-term hot sun irradiation in seedling stage, properly shelter, and after stable growth in the later period, it can be fully illuminated. We must keep the water clean, not too turbid, not lack of water, and not submerge the standing leaves. Lotus is more like fertilizer, fill in base fertilizer before planting, properly fertilize in growth and breeding, never use thick fertilizer or raw fertilizer.

1. how to make jasmine old branches sprout

1, the right amount of water: to give it the right amount of water can promote the revitalization.It likes humid environment, the growing season must be given adequate water, but pay attention not to excessive, not waterlogging.If the soil is dry, not only the old branches will not germinate, but also it is difficult to maintain normal growth, prone to poor growth.

2. Appropriate fertilization: If you want the old branches of jasmine to sprout, the nutrients are also very important, and the fertilizer should be supplemented in time.Fertilizer seed can choose organic fertilizer after decomposition, pay attention to dilution before application, so that nutrients will be sufficient, and the concentration is low, more conducive to absorption.Nutrient enough to grow vigorously, germination force will become strong, which can promote the germination of old branches.

3. Timely pruning: During the management period, timely pruning should be carried out to cut off the redundant branches and leaves in time to reduce the loss of nutrients and water evaporation, so that the nutrients will be more concentrated and the new buds will germinate.


2. how to prune the old branches of jasmine

Pruning the old branches of jasmine is mostly carried out in spring, the specific time is between March and April.In this time period, the temperature rises slowly and is stable, the old branches and diseased branches will appear and be treated, at this time, they should be cut off in time, all of them should be cut off, so as to promote the new branches to get more nutrients and promote growth, and this management is also beneficial to the later flowering.

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