How to make deliciosa grow strong, how long leaves?

Mike Ehrmantraut
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Adiantum capillus-veneris grows faster and needs to be repotted once a year, the old roots and dead roots are cut off, and the branches that are too long and too dense are properly thinned. The growth rate of Adiantum capillus-veneris is very fast, the branches are easy to grow too disorderly, and some branches that grow too densely can be cut off. If there are yellow leaves, dead leaves and old leaves on the plant, they should be cut off in time. And shaping the plant itself, conceiving the overall shape, with thin lines, small sticks and other tools to shape.
< H2 style = "text-align: left;" > 1. Appropriate fertilization

It is a plant that likes fertilizer, and its growth season is between April and September every year, so it should be fertilized every 15 days.Fertilizer choice after dilution of cake fertilizer water or retting animal manure are OK, nutrient plant growth will be more vigorous, can be more long leaves.If the lack of nutrition will grow weak, but also prone to yellow leaves now.

2. Adequate watering

The turtle back bamboo likes the moist environment, wants it to grow vigorously should provide the sufficient moisture to go, only then can grow strongly.If you lack water, you will grow poorly.But pay attention not to irrigate too much, not excessive, otherwise easy to accumulate water, root system is easy to rot.In addition, during the management period, we should spray water frequently to maintain a certain air humidity, and it is better to wipe the blades frequently with wet rags.

3. Appropriate illumination

It has a certain shade tolerance, but if you want it to grow more robust, you have to occasionally bask in the sun.Every day on the astigmatism of the local sun for two or three hours of light, so that the branches and leaves can be more lush, more vigorous growth, but also more long leaves.Attention must not be exposed to the sun, especially the strong light in summer, to avoid.The strong light will burn the leaves.

Turtle Back Bamboo

4. Appropriate temperature

At ordinary times, it is best to provide it with a temperature environment of about 20 degrees, not too high or too low, otherwise it will hinder growth.In summer, when the temperature is high, we should ventilate more and cool down.In winter, the temperature is relatively low, so it is necessary to keep warm.The temperature should be above 6 degrees, and it is better to provide an environment of about 15 degrees, so as to better winter, accumulate more nutrients and promote vigorous growth.

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