How to grow gardenia seedlings, how to maintain after planting?

Marie Schrader
2020-11-16 11:23:35
When breeding, the soil can be mixed with three parts of garden soil, two parts of humus soil and three parts of slag to prepare the required nutrient soil. Usually should be placed in the place of astigmatism foot, more sunshine astigmatism, strong light should be avoided in time. Its drought tolerance is strong, but it can not be long-term water shortage, growing season to let the soil slightly wet, regular watering. Fertilizer should be applied every 20 days. In addition, the temperature should also pay attention to, not cold, not high temperature.

1. Half shade nursing

Gardenia seedlings like to grow in a semi-shady environment. They can be kept in a place with astigmatism. They cannot be kept in a dark place where there is no sunlight. Similarly, they cannot see strong light. They need to be shielded from direct sunlight.Just after planting, first raise the seedlings in a cool place, waiting for the seedlings to grow and thrive gradually, you can see the light normally.

2. Adequate watering

After the plantlets of Gardenia jasminoides are planted, the seedlings need to be watered properly to meet the water demand.Because the climate of different regions is different, the growth of plants is different, so it is impossible to determine the specific number of days of watering, you can observe the situation of good soil, in order to determine whether watering is needed.After the soil is dry, it can be watered, one-time watering needs to be thorough, until the bottom of the flowerpot flows out of the water.

3. Reasonable fertilization

In order to ensure the growth of the seedlings, it is also necessary to pay attention to reasonable fertilization. Before the seedlings are planted, sufficient base fertilizer has been applied. Later, during the period of rapid growth, fertilizer can be applied every half a month.Fertilization can be carried out with watering, which is conducive to the absorption of fertilizer.


4. Temperature Control

The temperature also needs to be adjusted and can be maintained at 20-25 deg C, which is beneficial to the growth and can also promote the growth and development of gardenia seedlings as soon as possible.

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