How to water culture, water culture or soil culture?

Skyler White
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Pruning is usually done during the growing season, after flowering and before winter, and for different purposes at different times. The growth season is pinching treatment, the top of the plant is picked off, which can control the height and promote the growth of lateral branches. After flowering, we should prune the residual flowers and cut them as soon as possible to save nutrients and help them recover as soon as possible. Also in the winter before pruning a re-cut, the length of the branch control in eight to nine centimeters on the line.

1. how to hydroponics

1. Rooting of branches: Cut semi-lignified branches from old plants, with 2-3 stem nodes, about 10 cm in length, 1-2 leaves on the upper part should be retained, and leaves on the lower part should be cut off.After dealing with the branches, you can put the lower part of the branches into a container filled with water, keep the temperature at about 15 degrees Celsius, almost 10 days or so can take root, a month later the roots will be stable elongation.After the branches take root, they can be cultured in water normally.

2. Plant hydroponics: The plant cultivated in soil can also be changed into hydroponics.Take the plant out of the soil, then clean the roots with clean water, prune the roots, leaving a healthy taproot, so that it can absorb the nutrients in the water.Prepare the transparent container, and then move the plant in so that the water level is just enough to cover half of the roots.Pay attention to regular water change, provide soft and bright sunshine, in order to promote growth can drop nutrient solution, do a good job of maintenance can grow well.

Water culture or soil culture

Both hydroponics and soil culture are available. It is impossible to specify which method is better. You can choose according to your own needs.Hydroponics looks very beautiful and ornamental, which can save some steps of watering and fertilizing.The soil culture grows more stably and has sufficient nutrient supply.

Schefflera japonica

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