How to grow azalea seedlings and how to make them grow fast?

Lydia Rodarte-Quayle
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Want it to grow tall, usually watering to the right amount, especially in the growth season, water demand, three or five days to irrigate once, let it absorb enough water. It likes light, usually to bask in the sun more, the growing season is best placed in the light, summer shading on the line. The temperature should also be appropriate, especially in winter, the temperature must be controlled. In addition, we should also apply fertilizer frequently, and apply liquid fertilizer twice a month in the growing season, so that the growth will be more vigorous.

1. Acidic soil

Rhododendron seedlings like to grow in acidic soil, if they grow in alkaline soil, it will affect the normal growth, resulting in weak growth, survival will become a problem.Aquaculture of Rhododendron seedlings must provide loose acidic soil, maintain good drainage effect, can be based on the actual situation with soil, suitable soil can promote rapid growth.Generally, azalea seedlings are potted once a year to provide new soil to maintain growth.

2. Reasonable visibility

As soon as the azalea seedlings are planted, don't be anxious to see the light first. You can first slow down the seedlings for a period of time. When the growth is basically stable, you can see the astigmatism normally.Only by ensuring good light conditions, can we synthesize enough nutrients to promote growth, and also promote the development of azaleas as soon as possible.

3. Proper watering

Its root system is relatively shallow, the root system is relatively thin, so it is very sensitive to water requirements, can not withstand drought, nor can it withstand water humidity.General watering is according to see dry see wet method to water, wait until the pot soil dry and then water moisturizing, different seasons of different climatic conditions, so the frequency of watering some differences, spring and autumn growth period can be separated by 2-3 days of watering, summer can be watered twice a day.


4. Thin and frequent fertilization

Rhododendron is more like fertilizer, but pay attention to good thin fertilizer application, growth period can be separated by 7-10 days to irrigate thin cake fertilizer water.Providing sufficient nutrients can promote the growth of Rhododendron seedlings as soon as possible.

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