How does Lily seedling raise, grow not straight how to do?

Hank Schrader
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Camellias normally bloom in March and April every year, and some skills should be used to advance flowering. The buds should be smeared according to the growth of the buds. In July and August of each year, a brush can be dipped in gibberellin and smeared on the buds every three days, and the fertilizer and water should be managed normally, so that the treatment can promote it to blossom on the eleventh day. In addition, if you want to prolong the flowering period, you should also water properly, bask in the sun more and ensure that there is sufficient fertilizer.

1. how to raise

1. Suitable soil: The Lily is relatively fertile, and is suitable for growing in nutritious and fertile soil. Therefore, the soil should be prepared. It can be prepared by mixing humus soil, perlite, coal ash, etc. Such soil has good permeability and nutrition, and is suitable for breeding Lily seedlings.

2. Keep the temperature: The breeding Lily seedlings need to be kept at a certain temperature, the temperature of about 15-25 degrees Celsius is suitable for growth, and it must not be lower than 5 degrees Celsius in winter.

3. Appropriate exposure to light: Provide sufficient astigmatic light to maintain the growth of seedlings. Raise the seedlings in a bright place and only receive sufficient astigmatic light to avoid direct strong light.Under suitable light irradiation, it can promote the growth and development of seedlings, and also avoid sunburn.

4. Water and fertilizer management: In the process of seedling maintenance, pay attention to water and fertilizer management.Water according to the condition of the soil, and keep the pot soil moist during the growing period.Appropriate application of thin fertilizer to provide nutrients to promote growth.

5. Regular water change: For the Lily seedlings raised in water, it is necessary to pay attention to regular water change to keep the water clean, and appropriate nutrient solution should be added.

2. long not straight how to do

The growth of Lily seedlings should pay attention to reasonable light, proper pinching and pruning, and the use of supports to correct plant growth.


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