How to raise the newly bought Evergreen?

Gustavo Fring
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Lipstick chlorophytum leaves may be caused by pot soil discomfort, then need to dig it out of the original soil, cut off the rotten roots, and then plant it into the new soil with good permeability for maintenance. It may also be caused by excessive fertilization, which can be solved by washing the soil with clean water to wash away the fertilizer. It may also be caused by the low temperature of the maintenance environment, at this time, the plants should be changed to the position above 12 C to raise.

1. Soil replacement

Rohdea japonica has a high requirement for breeding soil, which is suitable for fertile, loose, well-drained and humus-rich sandy soil.Just bought back because the evergreen has not yet adapted to the new environment, soil is easy to hurt roots, and so on to adapt to the new environment, and then change the soil.

2. Temperature

The temperature must be well controlled. For the newly bought evergreen, it is best to control the ambient temperature between 20 and 38 degrees, which is the most suitable temperature for its growth and can make it adapt to the new environment more quickly.

3. Illumination

Don't rush to let the newly bought evergreen go to bask in the sun to receive light.It is a semi-shade plant, which has little demand for light, and it is not adapted to the new environment, direct contact with light is easy to be sunburned, so it needs to be maintained in a shaded and ventilated place for a period of time, and then slowly contact with light.

4. Watering

For this kind of newly bought plant, the amount of watering must be controlled. Usually, after one watering, do not water it again within the next three days. After it has adapted to the new environment, it will return to the normal amount of watering.

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