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2020-11-16 11:23:35
Measure the sun, winter must be more sunshine, adequate light is conducive to plant accumulation of nutrients, safe overwintering. The most suitable growth temperature is 15-28 ℃, and the maintenance temperature should not be lower than 7 ℃ in winter to avoid frostbite. In winter, the temperature is low, wait for the soil to dry thoroughly before watering, and water at noon when the temperature is the best. Winter temperature is low, do not fertilize, so as not to cause fat injury.

1. Culture method

1, illumination: It likes light illumination, usually can be placed in the light, but pay attention to avoid the hot summer sun, otherwise it will be sunburned.If it is maintained indoors, it can be placed in the living room where there is light, or on the balcony, it is very good to ensure that the leaves are green.

2, watering: It has a strong ability to adapt, usually watering can wait until the pot soil dry when the watering, dry when the watering on the line.Note that the soil should not be allowed to accumulate water at any time, otherwise it will be damaged.In addition, if the climate is very dry, it is necessary to spray water frequently.

3. Nutrient: Its demand for fertilizer is not very high.As long as a small amount of low-concentration fertilizer is applied to it during the growing season.After application, it is diluted by watering in time to help it absorb.Remember not to use thick fertilizer, raw fertilizer.

4, temperature: It likes the temperature of 20 degrees to 30 degrees of environment, not cold.Don't let the temperature fall below 10 degrees in winter, or you will be frostbitten.If it is raised outdoors, it is necessary to move to a warm place indoors in late autumn.

2. Pest Control

Its diseases and insect pests are very few, the main thing to pay attention to is the leaf spot disease and red spider damage.After discovery, we must change the maintenance environment in time, ventilate more, spray water frequently, reduce watering, and bask in the sun more.If it is serious, it should be treated by spraying medicine.

3. Picture Appreciation

Lily Bamboo
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