How to cut and prune tiger jasmine?

Mike Ehrmantraut
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Blue snowflakes like the sun, winter must be more sunshine, adequate light is conducive to plant accumulation of nutrients, safe overwintering. The most suitable growth temperature for blue snowflakes is 15-28 C. In northern winter, blue snow must be moved indoors to avoid frostbite. Usually, when the soil is close to dry and then watered, you can carry the weight of the flowerpot, feeling obviously lighter and watered thoroughly. Winter temperature is low, do not fertilize, so as not to cause fat injury.

1. how to cut

1. Pruning branches: Jasminum sambac is a kind of plant which is difficult to maintain. There are requirements for branches during cuttage. Appropriate branches can improve the survival rate.To choose a semi-lignified branches, can not choose too old or too tender branches, these two extremes are not conducive to rooting.Make sure there are two nodes on the branch, remove the leaves below and keep two or three leaves above, if the leaves are relatively large, cut half of them in order to reduce evaporation.The bottom of the branch is cut into a bevel, which can increase the contact area, and it is placed beside it to dry slightly.

2. Container soil: Before cuttage, choose a good container and soil, the container for cuttage does not need to be too large, and two small holes should be drilled at the bottom.River sand, vermiculite and so on can be used for soil, and humus soil and sand can also be mixed.

3. Cuttage: Insert the cut branches into the soil, water them thoroughly to keep the substrate moist, and keep a certain humidity in the process of rooting in the later period.

4. Transplant and pot: After the branches take root and stabilize, you can prepare the flowerpot and soil, and then transplant the branches into pots.

2. how to cut branches

The tiger-head jasmine is more delicate to maintain, so you should pay attention to pruning, and you can't prune it in a special environment.Observe the good situation, cut off the branches that do not grow well, and apply bactericide to the incision.

Common jasmine with tiger head

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